below you will find some of the products that we found to be noteworthy. Please call us if you should have any questions about any of the items below.

Laars Mascott Boiler

This is a new product to the industry, but it comes from a manufacture that has been producing quality products for many years. This boiler is a really the all in boiler. It contains a built in pump, expansion tank, and if needed, an on demand instantaneous water heater to your home. this little unit is up to 95% efficiency.
This unit can be installed starting at $5,550.00, plus applicable taxes.

York Affinity 9.C Gas Furnace

The affinity series furnace is a step up for any home. that’s because York Affinity modulating furnaces continuously adjust their heating level by 1% increments to match the degree of comfort you need exactly and efficiently.
High Efficient modulating furnaces installed starting at $2,700.00, plus applicable taxes.

Bradford White Energy Saver

The Energy Saver from Bradford White is a great replacement tank for any home. it has advanced temperature control system, intelligent diagnostics and pilot on Indication.
Hot water tanks installed starting at $900.00, plus taxes

Prestige HD 7-Day Programmable Thermostat

This thermostat is the latest in technology, it has an interview-based programming, practically programs itself. plus it also comes with a portable Comfort Control giving you the freedom to adjust temperatures from anywhere in the home. and when combined with a wireless outdoor sensor, it can display the outside temperature and humidity.
This thermostat installed, starting at $450.00, plus applicable taxes

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